Life Story

I’ve been a Photographer all my life, my Dad’s a Photographer so I grew up with it, he taught me most of what I know.

I left school and started an Apprenticeship with the Oxford Journal, they kindly paid for me to go to Photojournalism School in Sheffield. After a fantastic 3 years sharing my time between Oxford and Sheffield I graduated and set off for the states, where I taught rich kids Photography in a Summer Camp up in Maine.

There wasn’t much to do in Maine, so bought a £50 car and headed west, ended up in LA with no money. Took a job as a Truckers Hand, loading a furniture truck and spent the next year zig zagging over the country and sleeping in the back with the bed bugs!

Headed back to the UK and got a job on the Portsmouth News as a Photographer, married set off round the world on a motorbike for a year or so. Back to the UK got a job on the Western Daily Press as a Photographer and moved to Nailsworth, Glos, first son Tom was born, 5 years later divorce.

A year later got married to Claire and a year after that Will was born, followed 18 months later by Rebecca.

Left the Western Daily and set up Pixel Photography and I couldn’t be any happier.

That’s about it,