Black and White Pre Wedding Shoot

I began my career shooting black and white film back in the lat 1980’s, I spent three years studying Photo Journalism and I got pretty good at black & white. But shortly after I qualified newspapers started changing to colour film and eventually to colour digital. So it gives me a nice warm feeling inside to shoot mono every now and then. I have found that black and white suits emotional moments, I think it’s because it focus’ the eye on the drama without the distraction of colour. Few people would like their whole wedding in b&w, but luckily they don’t have to as the best way to shoot b&w nowadays is to shoot in RAW colour and then convert it in Photoshop later. Sadly a nice b&w takes a bit of time to get right in Photoshop so I have to charge a little extra, at the moment it’s £100 for a full set in b&w. But I always give you a few for free with every wedding. Here are a few from Laura and Andy’s Pre Wedding Shoot at Crickley Hill, Cheltenham last week. hartprewed-0073-2 hartprewed-0107-2 hartprewed-0182-2 hartprewed-0425-2 hartprewed-0466-2 hartprewed-0578-2