Winter Weddings

I’m often asked about winter weddings and how if affects me as a Photographer, well I can’t lie and say that it’s easy. But 20 years as a Photojournalist has taught me well how to cope with bad weather and low light, so luckily I can operate happily throughout the year. I have a few toys up my sleeve that help, such as very fast lenses and good quality Nikon DSLR cameras that work remarkably well in low light. If the weather is really bad I use Bowen Studio lights to create a studio inside. This wedding was my first proper winter wedding of the year, and it was very, very cold and wet, but it wasn’t a drama. I did most of the pictures inside and everyone enjoyed themselves, including me and here’s what the Bride had to say, “Hey Clint,
The photos are absolutely amazing thank you so much for your fantastic work.
Thank you for everything I have already recommended you to friends.