Super Photography Websites

Monday, 1 February 2010

Ok, now you’ve received your DVD with all your wedding images, what next? Well, I’ve already lavished great care over them and coaxed each and every one of them through Photoshop, so there’s no need to edit them. But what you should do is share them and use them, here are some of my favourite sites:

1. Google have a brilliant free piece of software called Picasa, you may have already seen it when I sent you your Pre Wedding Shoot web gallery, download your own here.

2. One of the worlds most popular Photo-Sharing site is Flickr.

3. Photobucket is where millions of people store their pictures, infact it’s where Facebook and Myspace are kept.

4. Photobox is an absolutely marvellous place to go to turn your images into everything from a washbag to a keyring and they’re super quick.

5. I can’t believe anyone hasn’t done this already, but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat Facebook.

6. Smugmug is a top rated US photosharing site.